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By Blaycon
#199058 Hello!
Here are my models for Clauncher and Clawitzer.
It was a bit hard for me to model Clauncher with its legs stretched ("T-pose") so I'll reposition them once it is ready for approval.
Same as always, let me know if you see anything wrong and I'll correct it as soon as I can.

Update 1: Added Clawitzer.

Update 2: Fixed Clawitzer's texture and added shading.

Update 3: Fixed Clauncher's texture and added shading.

Clauncher | Show

Clauncher by Blaycon on Sketchfab

Clawitzer | Show

Clawitzer by Blaycon on Sketchfab
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By Blaycon
#199113 I updated the original post with Clawitzer's model. It has been the toughest one to model so far and that comes with a few concerns. But the main one is the face count, which is pretty much 1k.
To me this pokémon represented 2 in 1 because of the massive claw, so 1k sounds reasonable to me, but is it really?
Please let me know what you think.

Also, I will be experimenting with shading on the textures of all 6 models I've posted so far, so expect updates on that matter.

Have a nice day guys!
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By SKy2008
#199126 1k seems about appropriate for it's complexity considering the guidelines state around 500 for the simplest and up to 2k for the most complex.

The texture could use some more outlines and a few highlights/shading. Other than that - wow... You're good!
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By Blaycon
#199157 Thank you SKy!

I updated Clawitzer's texture, added shading and the black stripes on the claw (I have no idea how I missed them before lol).

Next on my list is to add shading to Clauncher's texture as well.

I'll keep you guys updated.