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By wop0911
#199124 We are running into GP issues when people try to pick berry trees. Once they pick them the chance to replant is seen as "placing" a block down which conflicts with GP adminclaim areas for my adventure map. Is it possible to add a config option to make Berry Trees act as Apricorn Trees. So that they do not replant but can be re-harvested over time?
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By jsnbrown1989
#199125 I second this. I like the default functionality but having an option to act like apricorn trees would be splendid too. When the first beta was released, I thought it would be super duper cool to show off some of the new plants around spawn.. Well.. We can guess how that went.
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By Rasgnarok
#199130 GP supports block-place flags targeted at a certain item. So no, you can already do this with GP. If the flag does not work properly, ticket it to GP. Berry trees should not be pickable for ever, simply because then they are just abusable. They have a different growth system from apricorns for a reason.

/cf block-place pixelmon:pomeg_berry true - that should allow pomeg berries to be planted. ... #example-1