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By CappyD
#199397 Ingame Minecraft Username: BidoofPlaysMC
What do you think about PokéQuest? (40 words or more, include suggestions, first impressions, thoughts, ideas): It is a great server with a great community where not only are the staff wonderful and always reply as soon as possible, but the amount of events hosted to everyone makes it fun for both veterans and newcomers!
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By EnderKat098
#199425 Ingame Minecraft Username: Shy_Fox
What do you think about PokéQuest? (40 words or more, include suggestions, first impressions, thoughts, ideas): I love the server its really fun for newcomers and even people you have played there alot i love the minigames and how you can win prizes that you would normally have to buy with you points. I love the server and they should keep on making it awesome :)
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By Kweh
#199441 Ingame Minecraft Username: Kweh_Bird

What do you think about PokéQuest? I find this is a great server and all the players are friendly. I like the community mostly all of the nice Staff and Players who are nice to everyone. I also like the the mini-games too which brings a reason to watch your back. Also great for competitive players seeking for a good Pokemon fight.
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By Mira55X
#199470 Ingame Minecraft Username: Mira55X
What do you think about PokéQuest? (40 words or more, include suggestions, first impressions, thoughts, ideas): This server has some potential as it's got good people and there's a lot you can do! But Im hoping the server has some sort of dimension/separate world where people can teleport to and gather resources to try and encourage people to not grief the main world. I know there's probably no rule against griefing the wild, but I really hope it stays as beautiful as it is when it's fresh and new
By Sugarsword12345
#199941 Ingame Minecraft Username : Sugarsword12345
Pokequest Review :
The people on the server are very friendly and welcoming, and I loved all of the intricate buildings and different warps you could go to. Everything is set up nicely, and new players can get a feel for the server in just a few minutes with the neatly displayed rules and instructions. The minigames insure that you never get bored, and I love the variety and different things you can gamble to make sure that theres never a dull moment. The economy insures that you can get what you need even if you don't have it, and I love that part of this server.
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By BrosiaRenea
#200315 We've put a lot of work into our server to make it great. We have a ton of custom plugins to make things more interesting, We have 4 types of quests that are being implemented from ones you can do once Daily to ones that are Repeatable, Story line quests and side quests are also being developed. We have a custom battle queue that you can get champion crate keys from and an ELO Ranking system. Battle the NPC gyms for badges or try You can sell your pixelmon in the PokeAuction. We have a bunch of fun minigames from Connect 4 to the Suffocator or go head to head in the Sheep Showdown battle.
By jaywilliams198
#200352 Ingame Minecraft Username: pleasedaddymore
What do you think about PokéQuest? (40 words or more, include suggestions, first impressions, thoughts, ideas): PokeQuest is a very accepting enviroment and has lots of nice people that together forms a nice and friendly community. It is obvious the owner/s care about the server and the people using it. I Would recomend PokeQuest to anyone who is interested in starting Pixelmon.