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By Rushingbeat
#199896 I was never one for survival Pixelmon Servers personally, I preferred a server that concentrated more of leveling up your team rather than surviving off of potatoes. However, the more I played the more I got into the server. It has a great selection of warps, including specific shop locations and biomes. The pokemon in the server spawn at a great rate and earning pokecoins has been quite easy. The only set back I have encountered would be the Ocean Biome, if you jump into the Ocean you are unable to get back onto land unless you spawn to another location. Even then, the main spawn is the only location that doesn't require you to stay still to spawn to. It's only a minor problem that can easily be avoided. Overall, it's a fantastic server!
By MrWooten
#199914 Honestly the best server out of the entire Pixelmon list!! First off everything they advertise about their server is absolutely 100% true. The spawn rate is better! The starters are at level 10 and they even give you more options than most servers do for starters which was one of the reasons I chose the server to begin with! The server is incredibly well balanced and maintained with ClearLag which is an amazing feature I'm incredibly glad they utilize (on top of the fact that the server isn't overpopulated) because EVERY other server I've been to the lag is awful and it's not my ping. The claim blocks you receive are more than fair for any server and the world is large enough for even the most rabid of explorers to take months and months to fully appreciate. They start you off with a great kit which no other server has done for me so far, and ALL of the regular players are incredibly helpful and knowledgeable.

The ONLY complaint I had which was a huge complaint until the issue was resolved was obtaining Trainer Rank to utilize a couple of indispensable commands . Primarily the /tradesim command which keeps you from having a precious Pokemon stolen when a player is helping you trade evolve them. Not that anyone on this server would do that because I don't feel like they would, but it's always better to be safe than sorry. Back to the topic, they require you to go through a few unnecessary hoops that I won't go into but here's a link if you want to know before coming to the server.

The issue I had was that the first step, getting an account through Enjin, wasn't working for me and I had tried three different email addresses to the point where my IP was blocked lol. Luckily I finally got through to the admins with the help of one character named Matt (Yes that's his name on the server)and one of the admins finally getting on yesterday. So I messaged him and Matt posted on the forums for me and they gave me the rank without any questions or whining (which i hate to say I did quite a lot of! Sorry for that Jolly, Sinn, Matt, maysn, the list goes on and on haha) So in conclusion, if you're looking for a new Pixelmon server and you want excellent support from the family (yes family) of players and the admins, you enjoy working your tail off to get shinies, (which I feel should be that way), you feel like waiting until you're gray haired for a legendary to spawn (which also should be that way), and you are looking for a huge world to explore with huge biomes and plenty of pokes to catch then look no more (Seriously come play already, and stop reading my review lol)

By Britishgamer43
#200018 If you are a Pixelmon fan and want to have an enjoyable experience with friends on a world that feels like a regular survival then MirageCraft is definitely up there in the list of servers you should try out.

There is absolutely no limits to what you can do as long you obey the rules; as expected from a server like this one.
The moment you spawn into the server you are greeted by other players and you feel an overall positive vibe from it, you also start off with a VERY much generous collection of items which helps a lot when coming to survival, honestly if you starve to death it is most likely your own fault.

From experience everybody seems to be very kind and willing to help; I haven't had any negative encounters with others as of yet.
There is such a level of respect you really do feel very welcomed.

Just like any other Pixelmon server you can earn in-game currency by defeating trainers or by gathering up items obtained from wild Pokemon battles and selling them at spawn.

The spawn location on this server is that of the best spawn I have personally seen myself, it fits in so well to the environment and yet looks absolutely outstanding; it's truly quite the sight to see.

The claiming mechanic is the same as other servers, simply pull out your golden shovel and highlight the area of which you want to be claimed, this stops any other players that might be up to no good from wanting to grief or steal from your property.

One thing that nobody likes is when you have to pay for something which is meant to be free, but obviously this needs to exist in order for the server to survive.
The ranks you can pay for give you some neat items and the ability to use some more commands that others are not able to use, however it is for a fairly expensive price. Bare in mind that the server does completely restart every year so if you feel like buying something but don't like the sound of that I would recommend buying one of the cheaper options just in case for whatever reason you get bored of the server/game and don't play it for a while or at all, as you don't want to be spending $50 on something you feel you're not going to be using that much.

That is common sense however and has little to no effect on your experience; it is completely down to what you want.

There are also gyms and towns located around the server which you can explore but be prepared because the gyms are very challenging and make for a more strategic approach.

Overall the server is very fun to play on and I recommend to to people who are in fact looking for something like it,
I can't see myself stopping for a little while because I'm pretty much addicted it this point! :-D
By CookiesAndMil
#200028 This server is a lot of fun, many pixelmon servers attempt to give the players tools to make raising and finding pokemon more fun and intuitive, and fail miserably. MirageCraft differs from those and does most things just right, to a point where pokemon raising isn't too easy, isn't too hard, and is still plenty of fun.

The rewards systems in place are well balanced for things such as voting or winning raffles, but don't make the player overpowered like some servers unfortunately do.

I suggest you give this server a try! :D
By Britishgamer43
#200063 MirageCraft is a very fun server to play on with friends, you will definitely have a good time, and if you don't have any friends to play it with it's incredibly easy just to make new friendships with other people on the server.
Everybody is so nice and respectful I've only encountered one hiccup during my time playing (not personally).

-Spawn looks incredible and has everything you need.
-You get a really good start as soon as you spawn in with all of the items you are given.
-You have the freedom for doing anything as long as you obey the rules.
-Buying ranks grants you with commands that you wouldn't normally be allowed and cool items.
-Staff and people in general are always looking out for you if you have a question.

Overall just a very good server that you should definitely try out for yourself if you're into servers that give you the freedom instead of being forced to follow a path with everybody else.
:-D ;-)
By savely
#200354 BRO This server is lit up for sure. Like legit, like I never expected a good community in a freaking MC server. I was befriended by everyone and welcomed by the warmth of the admins and fellow players. I barely remember the scenery since it was 5 YEARS ago, but that should show why I stay here for such a LONG time.

1. Awesome people
2. Awesome community
3. Amazing features: Keep inv, gyms, elite four
4. Tons of fun.

Best server ever existed. I'm obviously biased but this is the ONLY MC server I play in for a reason.

You should join us Today! :angel:
User avatar
By AnimalRacer3
#200441 My favorite server of all times there r so many cool and unusual events that give out great rewards as well as an extremely fun and friendly staff and other players 9/10 only thing missing is being told when a legend spawns. :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D