Exciting new information regarding Pixelmon!
By Jimby
#200396 As with many other people, I will be sad to see this mod go...
But the question that has to be asked is, do we have a shut down date yet ?
By darthvader45
#200400 Well, looks like this has fallen into the same category as the Take Two GTAV shenanigans. Btw, if someone has downloaded 5.1.2 before it got taken down, please send a copy to [email protected]. They'll only go after those who mass-distribute the mod, not a one-time email of a file.
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By tridaak
#200401 "The Pokemon Company issued a C&D, which makes Pixelmon now illegal software. As a result, the distribution of it period is illegal. Furthermore, Pixelmon servers is now against the Minecraft EULA, which means they are succeptable to being taken out."
~AnDwHaT5 (Pixelmon Dev)

Pixelmon sadly is no more. And for the servers still running and distributing pixelmon, even privately is illegal. Some servers are gonna shut down, while others will keep going until minecraft shuts them down. If you want to download Pixelmon, it's still available through PixelSpark, but don't expect that to be available forever; they shouldn't be doing what they're doing, but really it's up to them.
By DragonHyatt
#200406 Hello. can somebody throw mail ID and names of all pokemon, buildings and things for the latest version? I would like to have them for personal use.
p.s. sorry for my english.
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By Xaldin
#200410 Is there no way we can start some sort of Petition to get them to Reverse it... Also even if we can't have Official Servers at least we can have Private Ones that Can't be touched
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By tridaak
#200430 Ehh, when making a server you need to agree to the minecraft EULA. Only thing allowed right now is playing Pixelmon single player.
By Pokeminefanner
#200433 I want to work for the Pokémon Company won't lie. Always will be my dream. But they think this is bad they should scour the whole internet they would find that this is nothing any fan makes art and other things they can't stop it there are games upon games. art works upon art works. They can't stop fans If they did they would lose money this is going to hurt them this brought them in money most likely. this probably brought them publicity. They needed this. They help from fans it helps them not need as many comercials. This didn't cost them money or make them lose money. This gave them pubilicty it gave them money. It gave them bigger fans.