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By RaThanatos
#200436 Server Review! Though I have only been on the server for a little over a week I have managed to rack up a staggering 6 days worth of playing time. I would like to start off by saying the staff is phenomenal! Anyone caught cheating is instantly dealt with accordingly, and the chat is monitored to a T. The staff are also very good about dealing with other duties such as greifing, always resolving it quickly and justly. The player base are filled with kind people more than willing to help with a few bad apples, here and there, that get dealt with quickly. The spawn rates are set to a great number and pokes are easy to find. Overall an exceptional server that meets the standards of the majority of people coming to check it out! 10/10
By CreeperInPumpkin
#200476 I think this is a server with great potential. I love the whole survival aspect of both regions and the plugins for gts and market are very useful. The staff team, most of the times, is helpful and nice but can be improved upon due to lack of members. All in all, i think this is a wonderful server to play on and you will have lots of fun. Still sad that pixelmon has ended its development, but hopefully this server will strive on!
By AreYouJellyBrah
#200481 I actually just found this server from scrolling on top pixelmon server lists. I have to say i'm extremely glad i stumbled across this server. They have a great community, the admins are extremely friendly, as well as fun. There is almost no lag whatsoever, the poke spawn rate is great, and it has a great player market plugin/poke market. I give this server a solid 8/10 and hope to see more improvements in the near future.