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By Nomtron
Xaldin wrote:but its not like they would know your playing pixelmon

if its on a server minecraft has right to shut it down since its useing there code and against there policy now singleplayer is still fine tho
By Nomtron
Xaldin wrote:but its not like they would know your playing pixelmon

if its on a server minecraft has right to shut it down since its useing there code and against there policy now singleplayer is still fine tho
By flamingrubys
#200449 I-i cant believe its all going i'm literally having tears flow down my face as i type this my question is WHY? i remember when u could make rom hacks of pokemon but i guess most things fall the second they start getting donations if i were the devs i wouldve fought tooth and bone to keep this shit up i just hope someone takes up the belt, i've been with this mod since there were only about 10 mons in and everything was well blocky and it makes me realize i will never get hydregion but i'm sure someone who will not let this mod die will get the source code continuing its progress and if the pkmn compny comes up the new dev would put both middle fingers up

dear POKEMON COMPANY F-U-C-K-Y-O-U cmon guys lets show them we wont be taken down easy over load their mails! WE WILL SHOW THEM HELL
By PixlmonGOD
#200450 Been a great ride. sad to see Pokemon Company are a bunch of greedy idiots that are pissed off because they dont make money off of this which is probably why they had it shut down :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad:
By TomahawkCS
#200455 Thank you, Pixelmon Team,

I've always loved your mod, Pixelmon, and to see it go hurts. I can remember a 11 yr old kid, getting off the bus everyday, running to the dining room, to get on the only computer in the house to play what you have created. A combination of 2 amazing games, Minecraft and 1 of my personal favorites, Pokemon. I remember when it got a huge update from Minecraft V. 1.5 to V. 1.6. I was so mad because the computer was no longer strong enough to run the mod anymore. I forgot about it for a while. Two years later, in 7th grade, I met my brother, Jalen. Knew nothing about him, he was really shy in class so we never really talked, then in English, we got pair up together and found out he played Minecraft also, and also loved Pixelmon. By then, I had my own laptop, the one I still currently use and is typing all of this out right now on, I found my passion for Pixelmon again. Played it non-stop all Spring break, doing nothing but play Pixelmon. But, as I grew older, I faded from Minecraft in general, coming back once a month just for a little nostalgia kick. Got my younger brother into it also and we played it for a good 2 weeks a few months back. The other day, I was out with my friends, Jalen and Raven, someone who I hadn't seen 7yrs prior to that day. We went walking around town, doing what idiot teenagers do, get in trouble with the feds and look at girls, but I remember Jalen mentioning how much we've changed, watching our old favorite YouTubers, Ssundee and Lachlan. I used to watch CraftBattleDuty and his Pixelmon content, before Lachlan came to be and my friend mentioned playing Pixelmon again, for old times sake. Neither of us knew about the shut down prior to about 45mins ago. I just wanna say a HUGE Thank You to everyone part of the Pixelmon Project.

Thank You for Everything.
Thomas (TomahawkCS) :cry: :cry: :cry:
By Alexgamingthumb
#200456 Well i have to say something i bought LOADS of pokemon games cuz of this mod nintendo shut down a lot of fan projects and i have to say and a lot of people i talked to said this WE HATE NINTENDO FOR DOING THIS THEY HAVE NO RIGHT SOMETIMES ITS NOTHING IS EVEN TAKEN FROM NINTENDO then gets really mad :mad: nintendo just removes fan projects for money they suck fuck nintendo
By CreeperHunter36
#200460 I don't even know what should I say. In this moment I just have no emotions, because I can't accept this happened seriously.
I didn't log to the forum for two days, then I searched informations about when was the fourth generation update coming and I saw that I couldn't open the wiki, so I found in Cydonia's stream (I'm Italian, so I'm sorry for this horrible English) that a guy donated money and said "What do you think about Pixelmon's closing?" so I searched in Xander's youtube channel and I found nothing about this, I searched all around the Internet and I found so many pages that talked about the fact that Pixelmon team stopped developing the mod and now I'm no able to cry, I just can't handle this.
Thanks for developing this huge mod. Thanks for all.