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By marethyue
#197829 this server is the best, the communety is awesome, awesome staff. theres always somthing to do. and the ranks and perks are ameazing too. i bought the rank. and 0 regreds. the rewards are awesome and they have frebies for free to play players and an help guide for starters and an starter kit. if you play pixelmon. come to this erver!
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By FiddlyLight
#197831 In my opinion this server is one of the best actually the best pixelmon server out there in my eyes. I love the way you can join the server and be expected to get on with everyone. The community is so good i havnt really seen any toxicity or bad behaviour of players. I hopped onto the ts and i felt very welcomed into the Ts community. I honestly rate this server 10/10 and i love it!

By Junpiter
#197833 I've been playing this server for about 11 months and this is one of the friendliest servers I've ever been on! The staff is amazing here and it's child friendly! It's probably the best Pixelmon server I've been on!
By IDropuLikeUrHot
#197914 I joined the server a few days ago and my first impressions were delightful. I hopped onto the server and i was welcomed by a few players and i immediately started on my quest to catch them all. I have never played pixelmon before and i am pleasantly suprised by PixelmonCraft. I feel like i will always play the server for ever it is so good.
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By SmashJeff
#198381 One of the greatest pixelmon servers that's out there! Would recommend for anyone to join the server since the staff are wonderful, it's chucked full of fun and exciting things for you to do! As well as it gives players freedom to do anything they dream! Most enjoyable server that you could join, I would recommend you to become one with us!
By SilverKnights1
#199861 This server is one of the best pixel on servers I have ever seen, and the moment I visited it I knew that it guaranteed a great adventure for me. It has great staff, a friendly community and most importantly a welcoming server. I highly recommend everyone to pin it NOW! :-)
By SilverKnights1
#199923 There is also many facilities: gyms, a healing center, shops, a safari with 4X pokemon spawn rate and 2X shiny rate, warps as well as warps to different biomes. It's great family fun! :P
My experience with Cryogonals at the safari:
1. I found an ice spikes plains biome in the safari. Then I found a Cryogonal but accidentally killed it :cry:
2. Then I found another one and with hard work I caught it! :-D
Start your experience today!
By OzmafaLok
#201636 Hi!

If I'm not mistaken in the topic, I want to ask a question. Admin if mistaken, then please do not delete, but postpone, as the forum is not so long ago and was lost with the search for a topic
Actually, I want to ask. Share an alternative, unlocking access to blocked sites. I use NORD, the subscription is coming to an end, I think to extend it or not. Everything suits, speed, traffic, service.
But they say that it is possible to bypass the lock for free. Who will tell me what? I'm interested in the speed of surfing and traffic (to watch videos, download files, etc.). Thank you in advance! Better in PM.