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By Sundial_MC
#182844 Heya, it's me Sunny.

InGameName : Xenovia
Your Gym(s) preference: Anything, really, though the Dragon gym would be sweet. They still haven't added in my sweet Reshiram, :c

How often do you login and for how long? : Nowadays, pretty much daily, for a good several hours.

How long have you played Pixelmon? : Almost 4 years? It's been so long I forgot.
Rate your typing skill 1-10 : 11
Have you ever been banned on Justiscraft? : I banned myself once, if I remember correctly
How long have you played here at Justiscraft? : And again, almost 4 years. Can't remember exactly, but waaaaaaaay back.
Why should you be considered for Staff? : Hopefully you remember me from back then :<, but I used to be /op, and admin, and the leader of a few gyms, so I know the drill and got the experience. I'm not busy anymore so I've got all the time in the world for staff shenanigans. Would love to help out this server I always loved, and was so glad to see that you and it are still alive.
By Vikerus
#201684 I actually found a download for a lot of versions of Pixelmon and am happily playing on a lan server of 5.1.2.

Might have a server up for pixelmon ever after! In a few months. Thanks for the comment!