Lucario vs. Zoroark

By IaeyanElyuex
#159037 (This is a Splatoon roleplay. Only use Splatoon characters)

Hold on to your tentacles...
It's time for Inkopolis News!
News flash! We've recieved word from... on high.
What is it? What is it?
The Splatfest sides are about to be announced! I can't wait!
It's almost here! Come on, come on...
Here it is!
*Lucario and Zoroark appear on the screen*
Lucario vs. Zoroark!
So what side are you on, Callie?
Team Lucario all the way! Boom! Shapow!
You can't hug a Lucario, though.
So you're Team Zoroark, Marie?
Oh, totally. Zoroark is fluffier and cooler.
Oh, yeah! We're doing things a little differently this time.
How so...?
This Splatfest will take place only on...
*Blackbelly Skatepark appears on the screen*
Blackbelly Skatepark! So pick a side and get splatting!
Until next time...
Staaaay fresh!
[You start heading for the voting box...]