Another Gym Plugin

Another Gym Plugin (AGP) is a Pixelmon sidemod that enables Gym managers to establish both NPC and player Gym Leaders.



Minecraft version Pixelmon version Another Gym Plugin version
1.10.2 5.0 0.4.2

Another Gym Plugin only needs to be installed on a server and does not require each player to install it in order to be used.

Minecraft launcher

  1. Download Another Gym Plugin for your version of Minecraft here.
  2. Place the downloaded file in the mods folder.


Note: Command syntax is displayed in the standard Minecraft command format. An explanation of this format can be found here.

  • /AddGym <Gym name> <Gym Badge> <level cap> <PokéDollars> <item 1> <item 2>: Adds a Gym to the configuration file.
    • <Gym name>: The name of your gym. E.g., Water.
    • <Gym Badge>: The item ID of the Gym's Badge. E.g., pixelmon:rain_badge.
    • <level cap>: The highest level the challenger can be. Set to 0 for no cap. E.g., 20. Only shows on /GymList and is used by NPC Gym Leaders
    • <PokéDollars>: The PokéDollars awarded to a player for beating a gym. E.g., 1000. Set to 0 to not give any PokéDollars.
    • <item 1> and <item 2>: Item IDs for items to be awarded when beating a Gym. Set to null for no item. E.g., pixelmon:rare_candy
  • /DelGym <Gym>: Delete the specified Gym from the configuration.
  • /CheckBadges <Player>: Opens a GUI with the specified player's Badges. By default, regular players can only check their own Badges, while Gym Leaders can check any player's Badges. If the player has the "agp.checkbadges.other" permission node, this check can be circumvented.
  • /AddLeader <player> <Gym>: Sets the specified player to be the Gym Leader of the Gym. Players may be Gym Leaders of multiple Gyms, and Gyms may have multiple Gym Leaders.
  • /DelLeader <player> <Gym>: Removes the specified player from the specified Gym position.
  • /GiveBadge <player> <Gym>: Gives a Badge to the specified player. Badges can only be given by their respective Gym Leaders. E.g., The Electric Gym Leader cannot give the Water Gym Leader's Badge. If the player has the "agp.headleader" permission node, this check can be circumvented. The command cannot be used multiple times on a single player.
  • /DelBadge <Player> <Gym>: Command to remove a Badge to the specified player. This does not remove any awards they may have been given.
  • /GymList: Displays basic information regarding all server Gyms.
  • /SpawnNPCLeader <Gym>: This spawns a special NPC Trainer at the player's position.
    • NPC Gym Leaders must be manually configured for rewards. They are not automatically given with the parameters from /AddGym.
    • NPC Gym Leaders have both a Badge check and a level check system. A player who has already beaten the Gym cannot re-challenge the Gym Leader. Furthermore, a player with over-leveled Pokémon also cannot challenge them.

Permission nodes

  • /AddGym: agp.command.addgym
  • /DelGym: agp.command.delgym
  • /CheckBadges: agp.command.checkbadges
    • To allow players to check other players' Badges: agp.checkbadges.other
  • /AddLeader: agp.command.addleader
  • /DelLeader: agp.command.delleader
  • /GiveBadge: agp.command.givebadge
  • /DelBadge: .agp.command.delbadge
  • /GymList: agp.command.gymlist
  • /SpawnNPCLeader: agp.command,spawnnpcleader
  • Head Leader: agp.headleader
    • Allows a player to give any Badge and check anyone's Badges.