Boss Pokémon

All four types of boss Bulbasaur along with a normal Bulbasaur

Boss Pokémon are rare types of Pokémon. They are typically stronger and larger than normal Pokémon and can drop several unique items upon defeat. Boss Pokémon can be identified easily as they are tinted one of four different colors (green, blue, red, and yellow), although this alternate coloration is not to be confused with Shiny Pokémon. The text that shows above them is appropriately colored, lacks a level, and can be seen from farther away than that of normal Pokémon.

By default, a naturally spawning Pokémon has a 1/250 chance of being a boss Pokémon; this rate can be changed in the Pixelmon config file. The Ghost-type Pokémon found on the roofs of haunted towers will always spawn as boss Pokémon, although they only spawn occasionally. Boss Pokémon can be manually spawned with the command "/pokespawn Pokémon boss#" (e.g., /pokespawn lapras boss4 for a yellow boss Lapras).

Bosses scale to 5/10/20/40 levels above the highest level Pokémon in a player's party, depending on colour (green/blue/red/yellow). For example, a blue boss Pokémon fought with level 80 Pokémon will be level 90, while the same boss Pokémon fought with level 85 Pokémon will be level 95. The rarity of boss Pokémon scales according to their difficulty, with harder boss Pokémon being rarer. The moveset of a wild boss Pokémon may change with each battle (if a player escapes from or is defeated by the boss Pokémon); however, growth, Natures, Abilities, and IVs will not. Boss Pokémon cannot be captured and players cannot flee from battle once engaged with them.


Boss Pokémon are usually sought after because of their rare drops, dropping a variety of items from the special drop lists. They drop a certain number of items from each drop tier according to their difficulty, with more difficult boss Pokémon dropping more, better items.

Color Rarity Number of items
Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3 Total
Green 40% 2 0 0 2
Blue 30% 2 1 0 3
Red 20% 2 2 1 5
Yellow 10% 3 2 2 7

Config settings

  • "bossSpawnRate": The chance of boss Pokémon spawning.
  • "useExternalJSONFiles": Allows special drops to be modified in a JSON file.


  • It is possible for a Pokémon to be both a boss Pokémon and a Shiny Pokémon. This is typically only feasible through the /pokespawn command; it is extremely rare for this to happen naturally (1/2,048,000 chance with the default boss and Shiny rates). However, this distinction is inconsequential as boss Pokémon cannot be captured.