There are several Pixelmon-specific commands that can be used to perform various tasks.


List of commands

  • /breed player party slot number party slot number: This command will give the chosen player an Egg that would result from the breeding of the two Pokémon in the specified party slots. If the two Pokémon are not able to breed with each other, the command will fail.
  • /copyToDB: Copies the Pixelmon save data for the world to the SQL database specified in the config.
  • /endbattle player: Immediately ends the battle that the player is in (if any). If the player argument is omitted, the command will be executed on the player who used the command.
  • /freeze: This will make all Pokémon stop moving in the world. Using this command while it is already in effect will allow Pokémon to move again.
  • /halloween: Spawns The Spectral Jeweller. This command only functions if "spawnGemShrines" is enabled in the Pixelmon config file.
  • /pokebattle player1 player2 cap: This command will initiate a battle between two different players. It doesn't matter which player goes first. The cap argument is optional, and sets a maximum level on the players' Pokémon during the battle, temporarily lowering the levels of the Pokémon to the level cap if they are higher than that level. The original levels will be restored after the battle ends.
  • /pokebattle2 player player/Pokémon player/Pokémon player/Pokémon: This command will initiate a double battle, with the first and second participants on one team and the third and fourth participants on the opposing team. The second, third, and fourth arguments may be substitute for Pokémon names or "random" (for random Pokémon), which will place computer-controlled allies or opponents in the respective places. These Pokémon will have levels equal to the level of the highest Pokémon in the party of the player who used the command. Two (first participant vs. second participant) or three (first participant vs. second and third participant) arguments can be used instead to modify the format of the double battle.
  • /pokegive player Pokémon arg1 arg2: This command will directly put the chosen Pokémon into specified player's party. Using "random" in place of a Pokémon name will cause a random Pokémon to be given. If the party is full, it goes to the player's PC. The arguments may include:
    • s: This will make the given Pokémon Shiny.
    • lvl[x]: This will make the Pokémon the level specified (e.g., "/pokegive caterpie lvl100").
  • /pokegiveegg player Pokémon: This command will give the specified player an Egg containing the specified Pokémon. The Pokémon can be any Pokémon, even Pokémon that cannot normally be obtained inside Eggs such as Legendary Pokémon and evolved Pokémon.
    • /pokegiveegg player random: This command will give the specified player an Egg containing a random Pokémon. It is possible for the Egg to contain Pokémon that cannot normally be obtained inside Eggs such as evolved Pokémon. By default, Legendary Pokémon cannot be inside this Egg, but the config option "allowRandomSpawnedEggsToBeLegendary" can be set to true to enable Legendary Pokémon inside random Eggs.
  • /pokeheal player: This command will heal the specified player's Pokémon. Player can be left blank as a shortcut to heal the player's own Pokémon.
  • /pokespawn Pokémon arg1 arg2: This command can spawn in a Pokémon of the player's choice, or a random Pokémon if "random" is used in place of a Pokémon's name. arg1 and arg2 are optional arguments that can be used in this spawning. Some of the usable arguments include:
    • s: This will make the spawned Pokémon Shiny.
    • boss1: This will spawn a green boss Pokémon.
    • boss2: This will spawn a blue boss Pokémon.
    • boss3: This will spawn a red boss Pokémon.
    • boss4: This will spawn a yellow boss Pokémon.
    • lvl[x]: This will make the Pokémon the level specified (e.g. "/pokespawn caterpie lvl100").
  • /pokestats player: This command will display the number of times a player has won and lost battles against other players.
  • /redeem argument: If the user of this command is a winner of the Halloween 2014 contest on the Pixelmon forums and specifies a party slot number containing a Haunter, the Haunter's model will become that of the Spectral Jeweller. If the user of this command is a member of the Pixelmon team or is a winner of one or more Pixelmon Trainer skin competitions, this command will allow the player to wear a specified hat ("fedora", "fez", "tophat", "remove hat"). If the player does not fall in any of these categories, this command does nothing.
  • /resetpokestats player: This command will reset a specified player's wins and losses to 0.
  • /setparty lvl: This command will permanently set the levels of all of the Pokémon in the player's party to the specified level.
    • /setparty lvl moves: Adding the "moves" argument to /setparty will prompt the player to choose up to four moves from each Pokémon's level up movepool up to the specified level. If no moves are chosen for a Pokémon, the Pokémon's moves will be randomized. It is not possible to retain the moves that the Pokémon initially had.
  • /struc: Spawns a random structure near the player if there is space for it. Structures are randomly chosen to spawn based on the biome that the player is in.
    • /struc structure: Spawns the specified structure near the player if there is enough space. The structure will be spawned regardless of whether it normally spawns in the biome. The structure argument is the corresponding structure's internal name, being "pokecenter[1-6] for the various Pokémon Center designs or "shrine[1-3]" for shrines. If "Spawn Gem structures" is enabled, "gem[1-17]" refers to each of the Gem structures.
    • /struc list: Lists all of the possible structures that can be spawned.
  • /teach player position move: This command will cause the Pokémon in the specified position of the player's party to attempt learn a move (being prompted to replace a move if the Pokémon already has four moves). This will occur regardless of whether the Pokémon is normally able to learn the move. It is possible to use either a move's name (spaces allowed and case insensitive) or the move's ID to refer to a move. If an argument is omitted (see below), underscores must be used in place of spaces.
    • /teach position move: This will execute /teach on the player who used the command.
    • /teach move: This will execute /teach on the lead Pokémon of the player who used the command.
  • /unlock player: This command will unlock any Pokémon owned by the specified player that are locked by a ranch block, allowing them to be used for other purposes.
  • /warpplate set x y z: This will set the warp plate that the player is standing on to warp to the specified coordinates. The command will do nothing if the player is not standing on a warp plate.

There is a command introduced by Pixelmon that doesn't do anything useful in-game, but was left in the release versions of the mod:

  • /tpbat: This command does nothing. It is for a planned feature, details of which can be found here.

Permission nodes


  • /breed: com.pixelmonmod.pixelmon.commands.breed
  • /copyToDB: com.pixelmonmod.pixelmon.commands.CopyToDB
  • /freeze: com.pixelmonmod.pixelmon.commands.Freeze
  • /halloween: com.pixelmonmod.pixelmon.commands.Halloween
  • /pokebattle: com.pixelmonmod.pixelmon.commands.Battle
  • /pokebattle2: com.pixelmonmod.pixelmon.commands.Battle2
  • /pokegive: com.pixelmonmod.pixelmon.commands.PokeGive
  • /pokegiveegg: com.pixelmonmod.pixelmon.commands.PokeGiveEgg
  • /pokeheal: com.pixelmonmod.pixelmon.commands.Heal
  • /pokespawn: com.pixelmonmod.pixelmon.commands.Spawn
  • /pokestats: com.pixelmonmod.pixelmon.commands.Stats
  • /redeem: com.pixelmonmod.pixelmon.commands.Redeem
  • /resetpokestats: com.pixelmonmod.pixelmon.commands.StatsReset
  • /setparty: com.pixelmonmod.pixelmon.commands.SetParty
  • /struc: com.pixelmonmod.pixelmon.commands.Struc
  • /tpbat: com.pixelmonmod.pixelmon.commands.TPToBattleDim
  • /unlock: com.pixelmonmod.pixelmon.commands.Unlock


Sponge commands are all in this form: <modid>.command.<command>

  • /breed: pixelmon.command.breed
  • /copyToDB: pixelmon.command.copyToDB
  • /endbattle: pixelmon.command.endbattle
  • /freeze: pixelmon.commands.freeze
  • /halloween: pixelmon.command.halloween
  • /pokebattle: pixelmon.command.pokebattle
  • /pokebattle2: pixelmon.command.pokebattle2
  • /pokegive: pixelmon.command.pokegive
  • /pokegiveegg: pixelmon.command.pokegiveegg
  • /pokeheal: pixelmon.command.pokeheal
  • /pokespawn: pixelmon.command.pokespawn
  • /pokestats: pixelmon.command.pokestats
  • /redeem: pixelmon.command.redeem
  • /resetpokestats: pixelmon.commands.resetpokestats
  • /setparty: pixelmon.command.setparty
  • /struc: pixelmon.command.struc
  • /teach: pixelmon.command.teach
  • /tpbat: pixelmon.command.tpbat
  • /unlock: pixelmon.command.unlock
  • /warpplate: pixelmon.command.warpplate