Incompatibilities list

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This is a list of mods that conflict with Pixelmon when installed at the same time.


Minecraft will crash if any of these mods are installed with Pixelmon:

  • Advanced Movement
  • Digimobs
  • Equivalent Exchange
  • ExtrabiomesXL
  • Lumberjack
  • Pokécube
  • Pokémobs
  • Pokémon++
  • Primitive Mobs
  • Recipe Book
  • Soul Shards: Reborn
  • TerraFirmaCraft
  • Timber!

Other conflicts

  • Galacticraft
    • Interferes with Pixelmon interface.
  • Mine & Blade Battlegear 2
    • Pixelmon party interface partially blocks Battlegear interface.
  • Minecraft Comes Alive
    • Arranger's ring recipe is the same as iron disc recipe.
  • Multiverse 2
    • Pokémon do not spawn in worlds other than the main world.
  • The Nether and End dimensions
    • Can cause data corruption on both single player and servers.