There is an assortment of Pokémon who can be ridden. A Pokémon may only be ridden by its owner, while wild Pokémon cannot be ridden unless caught.

Pressing the "use item" key on a mountable Pokémon with no item in hand will allow the player to ride the Pokémon. While riding a Pokémon, either sneaking or returning the Pokémon to its Poké Ball will cause the player to dismount. A saddle cannot be placed on a Pokémon and is not needed to ride the Pokémon. Turning is done with directional keys. Pokémon will always travel in a straight line in whatever direction their head is aimed; for this, a third-person view is helpful.

It is possible to engage in battle while riding a Pokémon. The player will stay mounted while the battle takes place unless the ridden Pokémon enters battle, in which case the player will be dismounted. As the player cannot input riding controls while in battle, flying mounts will slowly descend to the ground.

There are three types of mounts: land mounts, water mounts, and flying mounts.


Land mounts

Land mounts are the most basic type of mountable Pokémon. They can jump, but they can also traverse one-block-high slopes without jumping. They can also go in water (including those weak to Water-type moves), although they have to be kept afloat with the jump button or else they will sink to the bottom, similar to navigating water on foot.

Water mounts

Water mounts have the same capabilities on land as land mounts despite the appearances of some of them. In water, water mounts will remain at a constant height above water without need to hold the jump button. While above water, they will also give the player Night Vision. The jump button can be pressed to make them descend underwater, where the player will receive no damage from drowning. While underwater, the player will not have Night Vision.

Flying mounts

While on a flying mount, the jump button can be used to ascend. If the jump button is then released, the Pokémon will slowly glide back down to the surface. There is no stamina, so flight is unlimited. Flying mounts will be dismounted if flown into water.

Config settings

  • "allowRiding": If set to false, riding on Pokémon is disabled.
  • "needHMToRide": If set to true, either Fly or Surf is required to ride a Pokémon. This renders most land mounts unusable, except for the few land mounts that can learn Surf.