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La Pixelmon è una mod di Minecraft che introduce, appunto, i Pokémon in Minecraft.


La Pixelmon è disponibile al momento per "Minecraft" 1.10.2, 1.8.9 e 1.7.10. E' necessario "Minecraft" Forge per poterla far funzionare. A causa del vasto numero di assets della Pixelmon, servono almeno 2GB di RAM per utilizzarla; è perciò richiesta una versione a 63-bit di Java.

La Pixelmon può essere usata con il classico launcher di "Minecraft", proprio come le altre mod di Forge. Comunque, la Pixelmon offre agli utenti il suo launcher specifico, il Pixelmon launcher, creato appositamente per una semplice installazione e un facile utilizzo della Pixelmon.

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Un Bulbasaur nella Pixelmon

La Pixelmon introduce molti aspetti dei giochi "Pokémon" in "Minecraft", tra cui gli stessi Pokémon, le lotte Pokémon,Scambi, e l'allevamento. La Pixelmon introduce anche un vasto assortimento di oggetti, da quelli già esistenti come Special:MyLanguage/Poké Balls e le MT, nuove risorse come la bauxite e le Ghicocche, e nuovi blocchi decorativi come sedie e orologi

For most of these features, Pixelmon attempts to match the mechanics of the Pokémon games as closely as possible, including battle mechanics that match the mechanics in the Generation 6 Pokémon games. However, some aspects of Pixelmon are original and deviate from the Pokémon games, such as a breeding mechanic where Pokémon require a suitable environment around them in order to breed.

Unlike in the Pokémon games, Pixelmon does not use the "random encounter" method (e.g., tall grass, caves) for encountering Pokémon. Instead, Pokémon spawn naturally in Overworld, and a player can engage these wild Pokémon in battle. By default, normal Minecraft mobs are disabled and do not spawn when Pixelmon is installed, although they can be enabled by editing Pixelmon's config file.

Poké Balls can be purchased in Poké Marts (which spawn in towns) in exchange for PokéDollars, just as they are in the Pokémon games. However, Poké Balls can also be crafted after the player acquires Apricorns and iron. The method for crafting Poké Balls is detailed on the Poké Balls page.

Most other items from the Pokémon games, including Medicine, held items, and TMs, can be obtained from several different sources:

  • Crafting certain items.
  • PokéLoot chests, which serve the same purpose as item-filled Poké Balls in the Pokémon games.
  • Defeating boss Pokémon, Mega Evolved wild Pokémon that will always be several levels higher than the player's Pokémon.
  • The Pickup Ability, which gathers items the same way as in the Pokémon games.
  • Poké Marts, which can sell Medicine and TMs.

Pixelmon is designed so that players and servers can choose and create their own goals, whether this means completing the Pokédex, winning in player-vs.-player battles, or another goal entirely. There is no fixed progression of Gyms in Pixelmon, but servers may choose to implement this feature by using either NPC Trainers or players as Gym Leaders, and Badges are present in Pixelmon if servers wish to use them as marks of achievement. A system of naturally spawning Gyms is currently being developed for Pixelmon.

Pixelmon is updated frequently with new features and bug fixes. This includes new Pokémon, which are gradually added to Pixelmon within these updates. There is no fixed release schedule, although a new Pixelmon version is typically released between a week and a month after the previous version.


The Pixelmon launcher

In addition to the Pixelmon mod itself, the Pixelmon team also maintains a variety of services for Pixelmon users.