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The Pixelmon Discord is a Discord server for Pixelmon discussion. It can be accessed using this link. Many of the Pixelmon team members also frequent this server, allowing discussion directly with them.

Before chatting in the Pixelmon Discord server, it is advised to read the rules of the server in the #rules channel. Failure to do so may result in being banned from the Pixelmon Discord, or, in extreme cases, being reported to the Discord crew.


Text channels


This channel lists the rules of the Pixelmon Discord server. These rules are also listed below.

Pixelmon Discord rules


This channel was previously used by the Pixelmon team to post major Pixelmon announcements, such as new releases of Pixelmon becoming available. It is currently inactive; news on unofficial projects such as Pixelmon Reforged is not posted here.


This channel is used by server owners to advertise their Pixelmon servers. Messages that do not follow the #rules will be removed without warning.


This channel can be used by server owners to ask questions related to server management and maintenance. Recruitment is not allowed.


This channel is for users to ask for help regarding Pixelmon topics such as installation, using the mod, and installing/using sidemods. Bugs may be reported here for the time being. Questions about server topics, such as plugins, should be asked in #support-servers instead.


This channel is for general discussion of Pixelmon that does not fit in any of the other channels. Off-topic discussion, including Pokémon discussion that is unrelated to Pixelmon, does not belong here; #public-offtopic should be used for these messages.


This channel is for non-Pixelmon discussion.


This channel is for discussion of competitive Pokémon battling within Pixelmon.


This channel is used for discussing the Pixelmon TCG sub-mod, currently included in the Server pack.


This channel is used by Pixelmon administrator Isi to post about assorted topics. Mostly memes.


This channel is for users who are in voice channels. If an ongoing voice chat requires any text or images to be posted, they can be posted here.

Voice channels

Public 1/Public 2

These channels are for general discussion of any topic, not necessarily related to Pixelmon.


This channel is used to show that a user is AFK, and is generally used when somebody has to leave in the middle of a voice chat. Users are muted while they are in this channel.


Certain users on the Pixelmon Discord have special roles, indicated by the colors of their names when posting messages and on the member list sidebar.


Administrators are the leaders of Pixelmon development. Each administrator is in charge of different aspects of Pixelmon.


Developers are involved in programming for Pixelmon, including the main Pixelmon mod and its sidemods. A few users with developer roles do not directly develop for Pixelmon, but are active in related Minecraft development roles, such as Sponge development, plugin development, or content hosting.

Community Helpers

Community Helpers are individuals who help with Pixelmon in ways other than programming, including asset development (modelling, texturing, animation, voice acting, structure building), Pixelmon forum moderation, or Pixelmon Discord moderation.


Several custom emotes are accessible on this channel, listed below:

  • Waterthonk.png "Waterthonk"
  • ShockedIsiEmote.png "Shocked Isi"
  • PixelmonEmote.png Pixelmon's logo.
  • NotBadEmote.png "Not Bad"