Pixelmon Grass

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Pixelmon grass is a block that acts like tall grass in the Pokémon games, causing wild Pokémon to initiate battles with players that step into the grass. The Pokémon found in Pixelmon grass are the same Pokémon that can normally spawn in the biome that the grass is in. If the wild Pokémon is not captured or defeated at the end of the battle, it will despawn.

Pixelmon grass cannot be obtained legitimately or by using Creative mode. Obtaining Pixelmon grass requires the use of /give (i.e., "/give @p pixelmon:PixelmonGrassBlock").

Config settings

  • "scaleGrassBattles": Pokémon found in Pixelmon grass will have a level between the lowest and highest level of the Pokémon in the player's party.