Sheer Cold

Sheer Cold
Type IceType.pngIce
Category  Special
Power  —
Accuracy  —
PP  5
Priority  0
Target  Single target
TM/Tutor  Event move tutor
External move  None

Sheer Cold is a damaging Ice-type move that faints the target if it hits. The accuracy of the move rises the higher the user's level is compared to the target's (with the formula (User's Level-Opponent's Level)+30), and will fail if the target is a higher level than the user.


By level

Pokémon Level Type
Dewgong.pngDewgong 34 WaterType.pngWater IceType.pngIce
Lapras.pngLapras 50 WaterType.pngWater IceType.pngIce
Articuno.pngArticuno 1, 78 IceType.pngIce FlyingType.pngFlying
Glalie.pngGlalie 1, 61 IceType.pngIce [[File:{{{4}}}Type.png|16px|link={{{4}}}]][[{{{4}}}|{{{4}}}]]
Spheal.pngSpheal 46 IceType.pngIce WaterType.pngWater
Sealeo.pngSealeo 52 IceType.pngIce WaterType.pngWater
Walrein.pngWalrein 60 IceType.pngIce WaterType.pngWater
Kyogre.pngKyogre 65 WaterType.pngWater [[File:{{{4}}}Type.png|16px|link={{{4}}}]][[{{{4}}}|{{{4}}}]]
Cryogonal.pngCryogonal 1, 61 IceType.pngIce [[File:{{{4}}}Type.png|16px|link={{{4}}}]][[{{{4}}}|{{{4}}}]]

By event move tutor

Pokémon Type
Suicune.pngSuicune WaterType.pngWater [[File:{{{3}}}Type.png|16px|link={{{3}}}]][[{{{3}}}|{{{3}}}]]