Version history/Upcoming

This is a list of changes to Pixelmon that have been confirmed to be in the upcoming version of Pixelmon.

Note: The Pixelmon team may choose to not reveal certain features and changes until the next version's release.

Version 5.0.3




  • Fixed Abilities not taking effect immediately after Mega Evolution
  • Fixed advanced battle AI using moves incorrectly after switching out
  • Fixed player-controlled battle camera losing degrees of freedom
  • Fixed battle error when a Pokémon has no possible drops
  • Fixed boss Pokémon drops loading invalid items from external JSON files
  • Fixed boss Pokémon drops sometimes displaying as size 0 stacks and not being dropped correctly
  • Fixed certain Pokémon rendering incorrectly
  • Fixed code signature console error
  • Fixed crash when leveling up a Pokémon with special characters in its nickname
  • Fixed crash when Mega Evolving
  • Fixed crash with Pixelmon grass and spawner cave rocks when no Pokémon can spawn in a biome
  • Fixed draining moves healing too much after knocking out a target
  • Fixed drops screen crash when clicking too fast
  • Fixed Egg hatching message not translating the Pokémon's name
  • Fixed end-of-turn effects occurring after fainted Pokémon switch out
  • Fixed entry hazard message displaying after faint message if entry hazards knock out a Pokémon
  • Fixed external database saving causing healthy Pokémon to be burned
  • Fixed external database saving not removing held items from Pokémon
  • Fixed Gym external JSON files not extracting to the external JSON folder when external JSON files are enabled
  • Fixed Heal Ball discs having the same item sprite as Love Ball discs
  • Fixed lighting on Pokémon
  • Fixed Mega Charizard X and Mega Charizard Y boss Pokémon spawning too often in certain biomes
  • Fixed Mega Evolved boss Pokémon only knowing Tackle
  • Fixed Mega Ring and sash disappearing visually after a player dies
  • Fixed Mega Ring appearing (visually) on all players after obtaining one
  • Fixed Mega Ring rendering incorrectly on Alex skins
  • Fixed Mega Ring rendering incorrectly when a helmet is worn
  • Fixed Mothim mini-sprite displaying incorrectly
  • Fixed NPC Trainer drops sometimes displaying as size 0 stacks and not being dropped correctly
  • Fixed NPCs causing errors with the Chinese (Traditional) language
  • Fixed Poké Marts not spawning by default
  • Fixed /pokespawn and /pokegive allowing illegal genders
  • Fixed /pokespawn and /pokegive not setting the Ability slot if an Ability is specified
  • Fixed Potion/Revive message not showing for all participants of a battle
  • Fixed Revives not working correctly on Shedinja
  • Fixed sash being covered by chestplates
  • Fixed spawnPokeMarts config setting being reversed
  • Fixed statue forms sometimes not saving correctly
  • Fixed Telekinesis lasting forever
  • Fixed Tough Claws boosting contact moves by 30% instead of 33.3%
  • Fixed Transform and Illusion copying Mega Evolution models incorrectly
  • Fixed wasting turns after an opponent switches out a fainted Pokémon and immediately faints to entry hazard damage
  • Prevented drops GUI from being exited with a hotkey and causing drops to persist incorrectly
  • Using a Revive on a fainted Pokémon with one Pokémon remaining in a double battle causes the revived Pokémon to be sent out immediately