- No permission anymore (except for message command), now PixelMoney uses meta "pixelmoney:group".
- New config style, a decent one, you'll not have headaches trying to set it up, and all configs are per group.
- Added support for Amulet Coin and Happy Hour mechanics.
- Added option to disable Pokédollar reward from npc trainers.
- Performance improvements (hopefully).
- Removed reload command, use Sponge's one.

How to set it up:
Backup your current pixelmoney.conf and delete it to let plugin generate a updated one.
Just copy paste default group and change whatever you want, don't forget to change group's id, it must be unique.
As said above, PixelMoney now has only one permission and is for a command, so to let player be able to receive
rewards just run the command "/lp <user/group> <player/group> meta set pixelmoney:group <group-id>"
For example: /lp user Notch meta set pixelmoney:group default - (which is the group existent when you fresh install PixelMoney.)