* 8.1.0 compatibility.
* Made it possible to disable messages by entering an empty string.

* Fixed a GUI issue where the validate button wasn't working.

* Added multiple ball support.
* Added multiple type support.
* Added "&" coloring support instead of "§".
* Removed the "Enable blacklistclaim/Enable whitelistclaim" config options. (just check if the list is empty or not)
* Added compatibility for GriefPrevention & GriefDefender in one file.
* Reworked the event config for user-friendliness.
* Added admin message config lang keys.
* Renamed addclaimw/addclaimb/removeclaimw/removeclaimb to /addclaimwhitelist/addclaimblacklist/delclaimwhitelist/delclaimblacklist.
* Added a goal setting to stop the event when a player reaches the goal.
* Added settings for different rewards depending on whether the event is Kill or Capture.
* Added a command to toggle messages.
* Changed how /leaderboard works a bit to make it more explicit.

* Added a separate blacklist claim config.
* Changed capture logic to now use the Pokémon's position instead of the player's.
* Added /addclaimw, /addclaimb, /removeclaimw, /removeclaimb.
* Added a reward command that rewards players for hitting specific custom milestones.