1.2.1 for Pixelmon 8.3.6+:

    - Fixes the nearestPlayer placeholder in the spawned and raid broadcasts showing the incorrect player's username.

1.2.1 for Pixelmon 8.3.6+:
    - Fixes a NPE causing crashes if the statsDisplay is invalid.
    - Fixes the default placeholders in the spawnedUltraBeast message.
    - Removes legacy debugging messages.

1.2.1 for Pixelmon 8.3.6+:
    - All files inside the /pixelmonbroadcasts/broadcasts/ folder will need to be deleted due to the addition of new broadcast events, broadcasted forms and overrideSpecs.
    - Improved how Pokémon forms are handled. Previous the all forms were included in the broadcast (e.g: Therian Thundurus has spawned) but by default, forms are not displayed unless specified. Galarian and Alolan are included by default.

1.2.0 for Pixelmon 8.3.5+:
    - Added the nearest player placeholder to the Spawned and Raid broadcasts by default. This will show the username of the nearest player to the Pokémon.
    - Added support for Legendaries and Ultra Beasts spawning in Max Raid dens.
    - Added the ability to define specific PokémonSpecs for broadcasts so you can create your own broadcast sources. For example: if you'd want a capture broadcast when a Pink Caterpie is caught, this is the way!
    - Improved the formatting for biome names.
    - Fixed & being unable to be used in Custom Texture names.
    - Fixed blank moves having poor formatting on the hover display.
    - Fixed the catchHA broadcast showing when Pokémon with a single ability/without an HA is caught.
    - Fixed a couple of rare issues where broadcast sources could cause the server to crash.
    - Fixed an issue where the Pixelmon HOCON was not being saved after changes were made.
    - Fixed an issue with the spacing between the shiny and Custom Texture identifiers and Pokémon names.
    - Reduced the amount amount of data stored for placeholders before checking if that specific broadcast event is disabled.
Version 1.1.1 for Pixelmon 8.3.1+
    - Updated to 8.3.1

    - Fixed an issue where the ability would not display in the HatchedHA broadcast.

    - Fixed an issue regarding spacing between the broadcast prefix and message.

Version 1.0.2 for Pixelmon 8.3.0+
    - Added broadcasts for Trading Pokémon.

    - Fixed an issue where spawn locations were displaying the incorrect biome.

    - Added support for Biomes O' Plenty.

    - Added support for Shiny and Custom Texture Pokémon in defeated, hatched and spawned broadcasts.

    - Fixed an issue where broadcasts would sometimes display with only the prefix.

    If updating you will need to regenerate your configs.

Version 1.0.2 for Pixelmon 8.3.0+
    - Replacement for Pixelmon Broadcasts. Some features have been removed but happy to add suggestions.

    - Broadcasted events: Catching, Defeating, Hatching and Spawning.

    - Includes support for Hidden Abilities (Catch, Defeat and Hatch) and Custom Textures (Catch, Defeat, Hatch and Spawn events).

    - Defeat Pokémon event now includes support for Hordes.

    - Specific broadcasts can be enabled/disabled per world. Each dimension can have its own file for example for fine tuning.

    - All messages are fully customisable via the lang.json and broadcasts folder.

    - Ability for broadcasts to be shown to only players in the same dimension as the event if enabled.

    - Supports custom dimensions - maps dimension IDs against names.

    - Supports Custom Textures - maps custom texture against a display value.

    - The stats hover can be fully customised. Includes support for untradeable, custom textures, pokerus, genders, natures, growths, breed statues, held items, specific IVs, iv percentage, dynamax level and moves.

    - Significantly cut down on code/logic

Older changelogs can be found here: