6.0.6 for Pixelmon 8.3.1+:
- 8.3.1 compatability

- Fixed an issue where the mod would not show up in singleplayer, even with cheats enabled.

- Fixed a bug which prevented connecting to servers.

- If singleplayer, Gameshark only shows/functions if cheats are enabled.
- If multiplayer, Gameshark only shows/functions if installed, and enabled = true in the config.

- Fixes weights not being taken into account when determining what to display something as.
- Default configuration now functions as it should for legendary/shiny bosses.

Server-side search criteria
- Servers can now set their own criteria, with own names + colour, which then get sent to players.
- Clients can still set their own criteria for SP. The defaults are in line with Gameshark 5, with added UBs and wormhole searches.

New search types
- Entities in general can be searched for by registry name.
- TileEntities in general can be searched for by registry name.
- Search groups for specific Pokemon can be created.

New UI placement
- Pressing Reposition Overlay will now let you snap the overlay to one of nine locations, as if the screen was a 3x3 grid.

New config
- Now uses JSON config, located in /config/gameshark/config.json