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New Tiered Gyms! :-D It's finally here after so many months of planning and preparations, we are happy to announce that the Gyms/Elite4 revamp is now live on the server! 4 difficulty tiers - 18 Gyms, with an Elite 4 and Champion on each tier, totaling to 92 new challenges! Can you beat them all? /gy...

nitrosnorlax156 wrote:could i join

of course :-D the IP is

We have added Pokémon Summoning Shards to the server! As the name suggests, you can use these these to summon a Pokémon at your feet through /shards. It's up to you if you want to catch it or defeat it once they are spawned. Specific Shards can only summon a specific Pokémon, while universal shards ...

Highlight clickable icons

by SnowBlitzz ¦ 03 Oct 2021 02:29 ¦ Forum: Suggest A Feature ¦ Topic: Highlight clickable icons ¦ Replies: 0 ¦ Views: 1007

Make the TM and ribbon icons highlight when you hover on top of it? Easier to know that they are clickable :-D

We're now on Pixelmon 8.3.0 :-D

Hey Trainers! As you may have already heard, we are currently in the process of a Gyms/Elite4 revamp to make your experience on the server better! This is set to launch this month on September 23. We have planned to include 4 difficulty tiers - 18 Gyms, with an Elite 4 and Champion on each tier, tot...

Huge updates! Pixelmon 8.2.0! We've added a battle tower, playtime rewards, chest shops, and more! Check out our discord for more info!


We're on 8.1.2 now boiis

We have added PixelMMO to MirageCraft! PixelMMO grants players with skills and skillsets that simulate an MMORPG experience. As you do things on the server, experience is gained depending on the action performed. There are currently a total of 13 different skills /skills. We have woodcutting, mining...