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Bump! Event is still going on, and will continue until the beginning of next month! (2/1/21)

Bump! We are currently running our Christmas events, join and head to /warp IcePalace for a chance at Black Ice pixelmon, colored voltorbs for Christmas Coins or participate in epic raids scattered through-out the month!

No bump! But we're planning more events soon :)

Tournament of Power event ending in 5 days! Get your favorite costume pokemon before they are gone till next year!


Mewtwo Ball & Pokeball Customization

by Screm ¦ 03 Sep 2020 05:51 ¦ Forum: Suggest A Feature ¦ Topic: Mewtwo Ball & Pokeball Customization ¦ Replies: 2 ¦ Views: 4021

Hello everyone, I just wanted to pop on to post a few suggestions for ideas I had and that were suggested to me by players that haven't decided to post a suggestion for this as well. My main idea is to bring in the Mewtwo ball - this was a pokeball shown in the first pokemon movie that has an eye in...

Brand new event competition out now!
1 whole week to complete a custom-pixelmon drawing (Rules and regulations on our discord!)
Make sure to come check us out, and join in on the fun! We plan to do these much more often!


PixelPark | LF Staff

by Screm ¦ 16 Aug 2020 22:29 ¦ Forum: Looking for Staff / Looking for Work ¦ Topic: PixelPark | LF Staff ¦ Replies: 0 ¦ Views: 16391

PixelPark is a new server looking for staff!
We're a smaller community, but growing by the day!

Discord: LeagueVII#4240

The staff we currently need are:
Gym Leaders

Contact me if interested!

I really like this idea, but as i said in discord i feel that they should go in the water temple structures that are already in the world - this idea would work really well with them and since there are no guardians it'd give an exciting feature to chase them down for.

Still can't bump, but here's another announcement! We're doing a building competition and it has been going on all day! Join for your chance to win cool prizes & more (All day until 12:00 AM EDT/GMT -7) come join!

I can't find the bump button - so here's an announcement that's in the post!

Coming October will be our first seasonal event ever! We're still planning everything out - but think you'll enjoy what we have to offer over on discord! Teaser: