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Sheer Force not affecting moves like Freeze-Dry. fix completed

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Sheer Force is an ability that removes secondary effects of certain moves in order to make them more powerful. However, i noticed that this does not apply when using moves like Freeze-Dry, which has a 10% chance to freeze upon use. I noticed this because i was using a Sheer Force / Life Orb set, and moves that are affected by Sheer Force are also immune to the Life Orb damage. However, when using Freeze-Dry on a Sheer Force / Life Orb set, it still took that 10% of its health, which means that Freeze Dry isn't affected by the effects of Sheer Force. Freeze-Dry is only one of the moves not affected by Sheer Force. I will list the rest in the following:

Apple Acid
Drum Beating
Fire Lash
Grav Apple
Mystical Fire
Sparkling Aria
Spirit Break
Spirit Shackle
Trop Kick

(Even though some of these moves don't look like they should be affected, they should be according https://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki ... e_(Ability) ).


#23855 Posted by SirDoof » 09 Dec 2021 00:02

Hi, I tested your issue in the latest 8.3.4 version. I can confirm that these moves still take away life orb recoil even if the ability is Sheer Force on the Pokemon. However, those moves require specific scenarios to work such as "be called via Metronome, Mirror Move, Copycat, or Mimic, or be used by a Pokémon that gained Sheer Force by an Ability like Trace or Receiver or a move such as Skill Swap or Role Play".

Bulbapedia Reference Link (Affected Moves section, 2nd list): https://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Sheer_Force_(Ability)

Thanks for your report, will be moves to internal soon.

#24162 Posted by Katzyn » 04 Jan 2022 00:11

Moved to internal!

#24682 Posted by Sophie847 » 21 Mar 2022 22:16


This issue should now be resolved in 8.3.7 and future versions - thank you for your report!

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