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8.1.2 Fishing Log Percentage Bug ticket expired

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Hi, asked in Discord and not sure if Shinies are needed or not.
Anyway trying to complete the fishing Log I have caught all 14 of the shellos including the 2 normal ones and my total goes up to 87.5% this has been raising about 6% each new catch so with both shiny versions this would then equal 100% (although if that is the case getting both shiny versions is evil.)
However for Clobbopus I have caught all apart from the yellow ringed so far and my total is on 72.7% this is rising by 9% each time so even with the yellow ring and the shiny version this will only total 91% indicating that one is missing.


#22709 Posted by Awesomerob » 14 Jun 2021 21:41

Thank you for posting, I was able to reproduce this bug in the latest version.

#24336 Posted by Katzyn » 30 Jan 2022 20:09

Hi there! We're currently going through older tickets, and I've found that this issues has continued into our current version (8.3.6); there is no entry for #10 in the game, so the log cannot be completed. As such, I'll go ahead and move this to internal! Thank you!

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  • Reported on: 03 Mar 2021 10:36
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