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Version 8.3 Court Change Not Working Properly fix completed

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I have a team that revolves around using Court Change to reverse Toxic Spikes back onto my own team, and I got excited when I saw that Court Change was fixed in version 8.3 and therefore making the team possible. However, upon further testing, I found that the move only half works. It switches entry hazards set by the opponent, but not by you, even if both are out. For example, if my opponent uses Stealth Rock and I use Toxic Spikes, then I use Court Change, only the Stealth Rock will be switched and the Toxic Spikes will remain on the opponent's side, even after multiple uses of Court Change. I tested Stealth Rock, Toxic Spikes, Sticky Webs, and Spikes and they all functioned the same where they could only be switched if set by the opponent.

I did these tests in a single-player world against NPC trainers.


#23956 Posted by arachnidGrip » 15 Dec 2021 09:42

Old ticket but responding

Tested and confirmed. Used Toxic Spikes on an opponent, then Court Change. After switching in, no damage was dealt to me.

#24474 Posted by Fig » 12 Feb 2022 20:42

Still an issue in 8.3.6.
Moving to internal now, thanks!

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