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8.3.0 Raid bosses heal back to 33% if they are below 33% when they start the 2nd shield fix completed

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Doing enough damage to put a raid boss below 33% while its during the first shield will cause it to heal back to 33% when it starts its second shield.


#24414 Posted by Sophie847 » 07 Feb 2022 03:15


I have checked with the team and confirmed this is intended behavior and not a bug - 5 star raid pokemon will activate their second shield even if their HP is below 1/3 when the first shield is broken, in which case they will heal back to 1/3 HP.

#24736 Posted by Sophie847 » 29 Mar 2022 06:35

Hi again,

I have recently been informed that this is in fact a bug - raid pokemon should not restore health at their second shield threshold, even if they were below this amount when the first shield was broken. I have passed this issue to the internal tracker to be resolved.

I apologise for any confusion caused, and thank you for your report!

#24939 Posted by Sophie847 » 23 Apr 2022 03:28

I can confirm this bug has been fixed in version 8.4.0

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