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[8.3.6] - AZ Floette can be hatched but doesn't know "Ruin of Light" fix completed

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So I just ran into an odd event: I use 2 Dittos to obtain random eggs and at a point I got an egg with a Floette inside. I hatched it and it had the AZ appearance (also tagged as Az) but didn't knew the move "Light of Ruin". Its also not possible to use a "Move Relearner" to get that move on it.

What wonders me now is: Is it intented that Az Floette can be hatched? Are there are other special forms of Pokemon that can be hatched with 2 Dittos? (like Battle Bond Greninja) And what either way would be odd is that it doesn't know "Light of Ruin".


#24100 Posted by TideShow » 26 Dec 2021 16:47


Thanks for reporting this! I will forward this to our internal tracker to be fixed. Can't exactly say how this will be fixed, either making sure AZ Floette has Light of Ruin when this instance happens, being able to relearn Light of Ruin, or removing the possibility of AZ floette being gotten from Ditto+Ditto Breeding. You can check back for updates. In the mean time you'll be able to give your AZ Floette Light of Ruin using the Poke Editor Tool if aplicable.

As for other possibilites such as BB Gren as you mention, I do not think are possible. As that is rather an ability than a move. I would compare this situation more simliarly to Alcremie, in which you can breed any of the many forms it has.

#24135 Posted by Yoshi7711 » 31 Dec 2021 21:10

I've moved this over to our internal tracker, keep an eye on this ticket for future updates

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