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8.3.6 pixelmon hidden power does not work with gmax accordingly fix completed

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i was playing around with the editor and found that hidden power doesn’t change with gmax as it would normally in the pokémon games. if i were to have hidden power flying and use gmax it should be max airstream. however in the pixelmon game it is always max strike no matter the ivs. this changes the outcomes of battles bc some pokémon that rely on gmax airstream to gain speed doesn’t.


#24604 Posted by Sophie847 » 11 Mar 2022 06:15


I have been able to confirm this issue - hidden power will always be treated as a normal type move under dynamax/gigantamax and hence become max strike. While this interaction cannot happen in the mainseries games, I have confirmed that this is not intended behavior, and should be passed to internal soon. Thank you for your report!

#24607 Posted by Fig » 11 Mar 2022 17:09

Moved to internal.

#25218 Posted by Sophie847 » 16 May 2022 22:51

Hi again,
I have confirmed that this issue is resolved in version 8.4.2 - hidden power will now be the type-appropriate max move when used. However, before the move is selected it will display as max strike, but once selected the correct move will execute. This appears to be intended behavior - while the interaction is impossible in the main series, other moves which change type in battle follow this rule. From bulbapedia:

"If the base move's type is changed either by a move's effect or an Ability (e.g. Pixilate, Electrify, or Weather Ball), then the Max Move will also be converted to that of the new type with the same power; however, the move selection screen will still display the Max Move of the original type"

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