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[8.3.7 - 8.3.8] Spite does not deduct PP fix completed

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I've noticed an issue with Spite while battling Spirit Porygon2's. I modified the external JSON files to change Spirit Porygon2 to a pure Ghost type and gave it access to Spite as a random move. Every time one would use Spite, the move would not deduct 4 PP from the last move used, instead doing nothing. I had been using Darkrai while battling and used Psychic to ensure that I do not kill them. Every time one of the Spirit Porygon2's used Spite, Darkrai's Psychic did not lose additional PP.

While I do mention Spirit Porygon2 a lot in my tests, this is not limited to just him. Anyone with Spite is affected. I later did the same thing with Zoroark as part of a Trainer battle, and the same outcome occurred.


#24717 Posted by JackRules » 25 Mar 2022 20:55

Thank you for your report! I have tested and can confirm that this is a bug, I will forward it to internal so it can be fixed.

#24718 Posted by JackRules » 25 Mar 2022 20:55


#24725 Posted by Katzyn » 26 Mar 2022 23:59

Thank you for your report! Issue has been forwarded to internal.

#24789 Posted by 9Tales » 05 Apr 2022 17:41

This seems to also affect Eerie Spell.

#24874 Posted by Katzyn » 20 Apr 2022 22:33

Fix completed in upcoming version for both Spite and Eerie Spell. Thank you!

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  • Reported on: 25 Mar 2022 10:40
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