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Steel-type Pokemon give Dragon Essence instead of Metal Essence - Raids (8.4.0) fix completed

Ticket description:
Steel-type Pokemon give Dragon Essence when defeated in Raid Battles rather than Metal Essence. This makes Metal Essence impossible to obtain.

How to reproduce:
1) Go to an Extreme Hills biome and place down a bunch of Raid Dens
2) Use Wishing Pieces on the Raid Dens until you get a Klink
3) Defeat the Klink
4) Watch as you are given Dragon Essence rather than Metal Essence

Tested in The Pixelmon Modpack on CurseForge.


#24928 Posted by 9Tales » 22 Apr 2022 23:31

Important to note: If there is no way to obtain Metal Essence, there is no way to create Booster Packs without Shopkeepers. Essence becomes pointless.

#24929 Posted by Fig » 22 Apr 2022 23:43

Hey there,
I've confirmed that defeating Steel types in raids will reward the player with Dragon essence, rather than Metal. While this doesn't make Metal essence unobtainable (wild Pokemon drop essence, it's just not displayed in chat), this is still an issue. Tested on Klink & Steelix.

Moving to internal, thanks for the report!

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  • Ticket ID: 17276
  • Project: Pixelmon Mod
  • Status: Fix completed
  • Component: Other
  • Project version: 1.12.2-8.x.x
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  • Reported on: 22 Apr 2022 23:13
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