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[9.0.0] Pixelmon config doesn't work anymore, flat Max Mushrooms that don't trop anything fix completed

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Aight, so I have my Pixelmon config file set to where Pokémon will never be aggressive unless in a haunted house or something (DoWildAggression is set to false) for version 8.0.4., since I noticed the level cap was kinda ridiculous in that version and I don't want my starter to faint 10 seconds after I joined my world. I also set the delete unwanted trops thing to true so I won't need to collect stuff I don't want. When I switched to 9.0.0, well... this version just ignores these changes. Wild Pokémon can force me into battle and unwanted drops will not be deleted.

As for Max Mushrooms, they're flat with a black bg and they aren't really dropping nothing. That's about it.


#25425 Posted by Sophie847 » 25 May 2022 09:25

Hi there,

Regarding your issues with config - I wasn't able to reproduce. It should be noted that the config system is different in Pixelmon 9.0.0 - and as such if you copied over your pixelmon.hocon this would not work. By editing the config.yml, I was able to successfully apply the two changes you mentioned.

Regarding the Max Mushrooms - I have confirmed they are spawning as 2D models and do not drop anything when broken. I will pass it to internal now, thanks for your report!

P.S: In the future, please make separate tickets for separate bugs

#26734 Posted by Sophie847 » 28 Jun 2022 19:26

Resolved by 9.0.4, thanks!

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