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[9.0.0 | 1.16.5] No Lang for Splinters fix in progress

Ticket description:
When using Ceaseless Edge (H-Samurott's signature move), the effect is written as:
Code: Select allpixelmon.effect.splinters

rather than an actual description.
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#25423 Posted by Sophie847 » 25 May 2022 08:04

Hi there,

I have confirmed this issue - the "splinters" effect caused by Ceaseless edge is missing lang. I also noticed that the attack was missing a description (and this also applies to the PLA moves added in 9.0.0).

Moving to internal now, thanks!

#25531 Posted by 9Tales » 26 May 2022 12:24

I was about to write a bug report on the fact that the moves are missing descriptions, but then I saw the comments on this ticket. I'd like to add that it is not just the PLA moves introduced in 9.0.0 that are missing descriptions. Bitter Malice was added prior to 9.0.0, and it too is missing a description in 9.0.0. I remember that in the 8.4.x versions the description for Bitter Malice did not fit in the box, but now it is nonexistant.

#25707 Posted by Sophie847 » 28 May 2022 21:20

Thanks 9Tales, will add this to the internal ticket

#25957 Posted by Sophie847 » 02 Jun 2022 23:09

This looks to be partially fixed in version 9.0.1 - splinters being applied now displays an appropriate message, but there is still an ongoing issue with the damage from splinters.

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