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Hisuian Size Issues fix completed

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Heya, sorry for bothering but a few friends and I have found the sizes of the hisuian pokemon a tad bit too small, therefore I'll be submitting our issues here; if you think they're fine then so be it but voicing our thoughts never hurt anyone.

Hisuian Avalugg, when compared to normal avalugg is quite a bit smaller; but not to this extent (Both are ordinary size)
We feel that making Hisuian Avalugg's ordinary size their current Ginormous size would fix these issues, as not only is it noticeably smaller than ordinary Avalugg
but it also fits with the average size we see in game, pictured is a non-alpha Hisuian Avalugg

Sneasler, is a tall boy, and I feel these images speak mostly for themselves

In effect we feel that Sneasler could also be fixed the same way as Hisuian Avalugg, just making their ginormous sizes the default

And finally, Hisuian Typhlosion
Just the same issue, it's too small when compared to what the other starters received; who are at the same size as their non-Hisuian counterparts; and would you guess it but making its ginormous size the ordinary would also fix it

But that would be all! Aside from those small exceptions the rest seem all good!! Ursaluna and Hisuian Lilligant look dazzling and Kleavor already has their own ticket.
Ty so much for reading this, I know it's long; but it's also important!


#25961 Posted by Katzyn » 03 Jun 2022 00:03

Thank you, forwarding to Internal~

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