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9.0.1 fix completed

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Hey, while testing the fix, I tested MrMime evolution family. Even when following MimeJr's evolution condition in his json, he don't evolve into Mrmime


#25960 Posted by Sophie847 » 03 Jun 2022 00:03

Hi there,

I had a look at MimeJrs stat file, and while it does have evolution conditions listed they do not seem to be working ingame. The evolution biomes for the galarian form are old 1.12 biomes, but I wasn't able to evolve a MimeJr into a Kantonian MrMime either.

Passing this to internal now, thanks!

#26741 Posted by Sophie847 » 28 Jun 2022 19:44

In 9.0.4, the evolution into Kantonian Mr. Mime is fixed. However, the listed biomes for the galarian evolution are still incorrect.

#27433 Posted by Sophie847 » 13 Aug 2022 01:14

Apologies for the late update on this, but from version 9.0.5 onwards, the evolution biomes for galarian Mr. Mime have been corrected. Now both evolutions of Mime. Jr are working as intended. Thanks for the report!

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