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9.0.1 Platinum Ore Stupidly Rare fix completed

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At least I hope this is a bug, but the ore used to craft normal Ultraballs and Quickballs is extremely rare, only one ore found after 2 hours of mining. If this is intentional, it renders these pokeballs almost unobtainable without having to buy them from NPCs.


#26118 Posted by Katzyn » 06 Jun 2022 05:21


I know platinum is highest tier, but its rarity does seem quite low. I think platinum, silver, and silicon could all use at least a slight bump in numbers. Forwarded to Internal!

#26181 Posted by ToralisCatan » 08 Jun 2022 03:25

Not really a bug, but in thinking about what has happened with this change.... We've found the same issue, platinum is so scarce that any tier pokeball base higher than iron is pointless.

By scaling the number of bases you get for silver/platinum in addition to the rarity of platinum we get a double up of methods to make those balls scarce.

Given that diamond tool recipes use the same quantity of material as wood/stone iron, I would rather see the number of items produced by the recipe be the same, then manage the rarity based on just material spawn rates, much like is done with diamond

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