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[9.0.2] Battle Report #01 fix completed

Ticket description:
Hi here a battle report

This was happening after this

Hails effect in loop 3 times

Battle log (Pastebin'd by Sophie847): https://pastebin.com/hcvx8Uun
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#26280 Posted by Sophie847 » 11 Jun 2022 14:18

Hi there,

I have been able to confirm there is definitely something going wrong with battle weathers at the moment. By switching my pokemon while either hail or sandstorm are active, I was able to reproduce the error you have provided. I will pass this information on to our internal tracker now, thanks!

P.S - Please use pastebin or a similar site to share long files, the copy-pasted version was very difficult to read

#26332 Posted by Sophie847 » 13 Jun 2022 09:15

Linking ticket 18060, which reports the same issue in 9.0.1 with debug, latest and battle logs all attached, just in case these are needed.

#27090 Posted by Sophie847 » 21 Jul 2022 05:14

With the release of 9.0.6, switching during damaging weather no longer causes a battle error. Thanks for the report!

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