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[9.0.2] Trainer NPC Editor Problems fix completed

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Whenever you use NPC editor on trainers and you click OK in most options it will just throw you out of the menu instead of going back one stage. Some things like the NPC's names dont even save if you go into edition their pokemon before clicking OK to save their name. This is mostly a comfort thing but I think it wasnt like this before and its really annoying


#26410 Posted by ZodiacBullYT » 16 Jun 2022 11:06

Confirmed on the latest dev build, the GUI system for editing trainers is un-optimized. Pressing OK does kick you out of the menu, meaning you have to navigate through all the screens again to get back to a specific place, instead of there just being a back and a save button.

Additionally, selecting some of the options in the menu such as "Custom Player Name" in the models section, will create a typing box that overlaps some of the other options.

I have sent this to internal so the devs can take a look and possibly come up with a more efficient and effective GUI. However, be aware, as there are more game breaking bugs in the beta, this will not be our #1 priority.

Thank you for your report!

#26416 Posted by LordSamosa » 16 Jun 2022 15:13

Moved to internal

#27887 Posted by LordSamosa » 21 Sep 2022 07:17

Fixed in 9.0.9. If this continues to be an issue, please make a new ticket. Closing.

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