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[9.0.2] Fish item does not exist in Minecraft 1.16.5 pending

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Looking at the list of Pokémon drops, it is indicated for Minecraft version 1.16.5 that some Pokémon can drop "minecraft:fish", when this item no longer exists in this version of Minecraft. This is the case of Slowpoke, Slowbro, Slowking and Galarian Slowking drops. In the game I think it replaces it by dropping air.


#26632 Posted by Laulox19 » 25 Jun 2022 08:49

The keyboard played a trick on me. I'm referring to version 9.0.3 (although it also happens in version 9.0.2).

#26634 Posted by Swif1y » 25 Jun 2022 09:48

Known issue.

NOTES: tracker.php?p=2&t=18296

#26645 Posted by LordSamosa » 25 Jun 2022 13:56

Moved to internal.
Pokemon dropping air is caused by a different issue (min being 0). Minecraft:fish is no longer an item in Minecraft yet the drops file contains the item

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  • Ticket ID: 18307
  • Project: Pixelmon Mod
  • Status: Pending
  • Component: Error
  • Project version: 1.16.5-9.x.x
  • Priority: Normal
  • Severity: Normal
  • Forge/Sponge: Forge 36.2.34
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  • Assigned to: Swif1y
  • Reported by: Laulox19 (Send PM)
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  • Reported on: 25 Jun 2022 08:47
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