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[1.16.5-9.0.4] Meltan Obtainable from smelting blocks not listed in the wiki. pending

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EDIT - Obtainable From: Iron, Gold, Silver, Platinum, Bauxite, Silicon, and Netherrack.

it is possible to spawn meltan by melting Netherrack into Nether Bricks and melting Ancient Debris can't spawn meltan

(I increased the spawn chance inside the config to test it on my singleplayer world)


#26825 Posted by Swif1y » 01 Jul 2022 17:33


As per the the Meltan wiki states (wiki/Meltan): "Meltan has a 1/3072 chance (by default) of spawning upon taking the smelted form of Iron, Gold, Bauxite or Silicon ores out of a furnace." You are not able to obtain Meltan from smelting netherrack or ancient debris.

#26829 Posted by goreziller22 » 01 Jul 2022 19:02


thats not correct i tested these also but in multiplayer and by smelting netherrack it spawns meltan it should only as you say by smelting ores but netherrack isn't a ore.

#26830 Posted by RoyalScarecrow » 01 Jul 2022 21:03

Im sorry for the bad explanation and I know what the wiki states, but it's still possible to obtain meltan by taking out the smelted Netherrack (Nether Bricks) from the furnace and thats a bug in my eyes

#26841 Posted by Swif1y » 02 Jul 2022 09:08


I was able to confirm that smelting Netherrack/Netherbricks, Silver, and Platinum allows you to obtain Meltan. This will be further investigated.

#26868 Posted by Swif1y » 02 Jul 2022 18:06

Forwarded to an Internal.

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