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1.16 (9.0.4) Magnet pull applying static effect outside of battle fix completed

Ticket description:
Magnet pull magnezone is at the front of the party, in a savanna biome, the outside of battle effect is static with a clear increase to the number of electric types spawning and steel types not increasing in spawn rate at all


#26965 Posted by Sophie847 » 07 Jul 2022 17:55

Hi there,
I can confirm that the magnet pull ability is increasing the spawn rate of electric type pokemon, wheras the wiki suggests it should boost the rate of steel type pokemon, which is also the case in 8.4.2. This can be shown by running /checkspawns both with and without a pokemon with magnet pull on the front of the party, and observing the change in spawn rates of these two types.
Passing this to internal now, thanks!

P.S - removing the security status from this ticket, that is normally reserved for abusable issues like duplication glitches or server crashing methods. This means others can see the ticket and add to the discussion if they have the same problem.

#27092 Posted by Sophie847 » 21 Jul 2022 05:26

With the release of 9.0.6, this issue is resolved - the Magnet Pull ability now correctly attracts steel type pokemon instead of electric type pokemon. Thanks for the report!

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  • Ticket ID: 18501
  • Project: Pixelmon Mod
  • Status: Fix completed
  • Component: Spawning
  • Project version: 1.16.5-9.x.x
  • Priority: Normal
  • Severity: Normal
  • Forge/Sponge: Forge 36.2.34
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  • Assigned to: Sophie847
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  • Reported on: 06 Jul 2022 19:52
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