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[1.16.5-9.0.6] Stuck loading into world. Found the possible problem fix completed

Ticket description:
Forge: 1.16.5-forge-36.2.39
Minecraft: 1.16.5
Mod version: 1.16.5-9.0.6-universal
Hello, I found that after logging off for the night, and trying to log back into my world, my game would not load the world even though it said 100%.
I managed to recreate this glitch for myself on a fresh world. I checked if using the voxelmap waypoints was the problem, and that wasn't it. Then I wondered if it was me giving myself mod items like pokeballs, exp. all, and the lucky egg, it wasn't them either. Then I wondered if it was the blocks I was placing and using in my house, and placing them down caused the loading screen to be stuck again.
I placed a variety of blocks. Then to narrow it down I went into a fresh world and only placed down 3 oak signs to organize, then placed a trash can from the mod and then my game got stuck loading back in again.
Started a fresh new world, placed an oak sign, all good, then placed a trash can from the mod and it got stuck loading in again.


#27299 Posted by Rasgnarok » 05 Aug 2022 18:03

Thanks can confirm, will forward internally!

#27911 Posted by LordSamosa » 21 Sep 2022 08:12

Fixed in 9.0.8. If this continues to be an issue, please make a new ticket. Closing.

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  • Ticket ID: 18728
  • Project: Pixelmon Mod
  • Status: Fix completed
  • Component: World
  • Project version: 1.16.5-9.x.x
  • Priority: Normal
  • Severity: Normal
  • Forge/Sponge: Forge 1.16.5-forge-36.2.39
  • What else would be useful to know?: Java build 1.8.0_261-b12 Voxelmap: 1.10.12_for_1.16.5
  • Assigned to: Rasgnarok
  • Reported by: SeaSpell (Send PM)
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  • Reported on: 26 Jul 2022 10:40
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