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[9.0.7] Absorb, Mega Drain, and Giga Drain all give free health when confused fix completed for upcoming version

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Someone told me they already reported this, but unless it was a security ticket I don't believe they did, so my bad if I'm just missing it.

Bug- Using the moves Absorb, Mega Drain, and Giga Drain when confused and you "damage yourself while in confusion" give free health to the user.
How to replicate- Enter in battle with a confused pokemon. Use one of the listed moves until you get the "*user* hurt itself in confusion!" and the pokemon who is supposed to hurt itself instead will gain health.
Additional note- Honestly I am not sure what other moves there are that drain opposing health and give the user health, but those may be broken as well.


#27686 Posted by arachnidGrip » 14 Sep 2022 09:24

Tested and confirmed, if a poke is confused and hit's itself while using a move that absorbs HP, it will hit itself then regain HP as if it damaged the opponent.

#28077 Posted by Katzyn » 29 Sep 2022 05:45

Forwarded, thank you!

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  • Ticket ID: 18945
  • Project: Pixelmon Mod
  • Status: Fix completed for upcoming version
  • Component: Battle
  • Project version: 1.16.5-9.x.x
  • Priority: Normal
  • Severity: Normal
  • Forge/Sponge: (unknown)
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  • Assigned to: arachnidGrip
  • Reported by: KidKraft (Send PM)
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  • Reported on: 21 Aug 2022 17:56
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