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[1.16.5-9.0.10] Pokemon evolving into themselves, stop evolving completely afterwards pending

Ticket description:
Some pokemon are evolving into themselves, and afterwards will act as if they have an everstone. They will no longer evolve at any level.

Was battling wild pokemon while using EXP All to level up 5 pokemon on my team for evolutions. Both times that this bug occurred the evolve animation did not play, it skipped right to the end saying the pokemon evolved into itself. Other pokemon did not evolve at the same time, so that should be ruled out as a possible cause.


#28092 Posted by DraconiacLatias » 29 Sep 2022 10:45

Hello! Thanks for the report! I was able to reproduce by having the EXP All on, having a Pokémon close to leveling>evolving, and catching a Pokémon which made the Pokémon level up but not evolve despite being at a level it could evolve. Will forward.

#28866 Posted by SnowBlitzz » 03 Jan 2023 01:21

Also experiencing this on 9.1.0

#29040 Posted by Cashmerella » 23 Jan 2023 22:58

I am also having this issue on occasion. I've been trying to catch all of the Vivillon variants, and sometimes Spewpa or other Pokemon just don't evolve when they should. It just says "Spewpa evolved into Spewpa" and my server owner has to manually evolve it with commands.

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  • Project version: 1.16.5-9.x.x
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  • Reported on: 29 Sep 2022 08:54
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