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[9.0.10] battle error fix completed

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#28132 Posted by Sophie847 » 05 Oct 2022 07:39

Hi there,

I had a quick try to reproduce this error, but was unsuccessful. Do you know what exactly you were doing that caused this to occur? Have you been able to reproduce it again since the initial incident (ideally, in singleplayer with no other mods installed)?

Hopefully some more information will help to determine what exactly went wrong here.

#28134 Posted by VanironCZ » 05 Oct 2022 11:40

i have no idea at all, it was on our arclight server with many players online and i was not directly involved.

#28135 Posted by VanironCZ » 05 Oct 2022 11:42

also have second report of this few days before the first one: https://pastebin.com/raw/utVSNcMS

#28171 Posted by Sophie847 » 09 Oct 2022 18:50

I'll see if anyone else on the team can work out exactly what causes this to happen, though if you do find out any further information, be sure to add it here.

#28232 Posted by Sophie847 » 18 Oct 2022 10:22

After speaking with the team and having another try, I was able to reproduce this: both of your reports involve an item which checks a moves type, being used after the player repeatedly used items in battle (and not a move of their own). It looks as if poison damage is being checked for type effectiveness (to determine a weakness policy activation), wheras this should only be happening for moves. Below are two battle logs where I was able to replicate the error:

I've passed what I know onto the internal tracker. Of course, if you have any further information to add that would be appreciated.

#28623 Posted by Sophie847 » 24 Nov 2022 20:49

Can confirm this bug is fixed with the release of version 9.1.0 - thanks!

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