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[9.0.11] Some legend quests can't be completed fix completed for upcoming version

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The default quests for a few legendary Pokemon have mistakes that make them unable to be completed:

The Galar Bird quests (Articuno, Zapdos, Moltres) require "form:ashen", "form:strike" etc, but in 1.16 the formatting for that should be "palette:ashen", "palette:strike" etc. This may be true for other quests, I haven't done a thorough search yet.

The Drowned Lugia quest spawns a Lugia with palette:drowned and boss:drowned, but to complete the quest it must have palette:drowned, boss:drowned, [/i]and[/i] ability:revenant. Since the spawned Lugia doesn't have the ability, it's impossible to complete the quest.


#28262 Posted by Decent60 » 21 Oct 2022 06:18


Thank you for that info, yes it should be a palette rather than form.

As for the Lugia, that issue should be resolved in a future update.


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