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Hisuian Zoroark's sprite doesn't show as a shiny when illusioned as a shiny pokemon. fix completed for upcoming version

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Hisuian Zoroark is supposed to copy the image entirely of the last last pokemon in the party, even if that pokemon is shiny, but I found while playing on Limitless MC that Zoroark does not copy the shiny form. If it takes the image of, say, a shiny Yveltal, it will appear in sprite as a normal Yveltal and a shiny in body, making it obvious that the pokemon is a Zoroark. I suspect that this applies to any alter form but haven't had the chance to test it.

It should be replicable by just getting a shiny and a hisuian Zoroark.l and entering a battle.


#28627 Posted by Decent60 » 24 Nov 2022 21:51


Just to confirm, you're referring to the sprite in the lower corner and not the pokemon model during the battle, correct?

#28643 Posted by NoelWintory » 25 Nov 2022 21:24

I apologize if I wasn't clear, yes, I do mean the pixel sprite in the corner. I have a shiny Pyukumuku I like to troll with but the H. Zoroark, while it does copy Pyuku's model, does not copy the pixel sprite in the corner. This applies to all shinies the Zoroark Illusions into.

#28697 Posted by Decent60 » 06 Dec 2022 12:17


Sorry for the late reply. Confirmed and forwarded.


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